Backpack Kid is Suing Epic Games over a Dance in Fortnite

Backpack kid is Suing Epic Games over a Dance in Fortnite. That’s all.

YouTube Removes 58 Million Videos

YouTube removes fifty eight million videos featuring hateful and inappropriate content. We definitely have seen some…

TheFatRat Gets Copyright Claimed On His Own Song

An artist called TheFatRat tweeted this: ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME YOUTUBE?!?! THIS IS MY SONG…

Wall Street Journal Apologizes to PewDiePie

WSJ did an oopsie! Wall Street Journal apologized to PewDiePie! This was featured on Wall Street…

PewDiePie Promotes IV Reich

Vox went ahead and published two articles about PewDiePie (I’m so sick of this guy). Vox…

Party at Genderfield 5

We have a new update! We have been the development and story of Battlefield V ever…

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