Defamatory News Article Mocks PewDiePie with no Evidence

What a surprise… The article entitled White Guy Whines about Having to Follow Indian Laws, later…

Supreme Court of India Removes PewDiePie Videos from YouTube India

It is astounding how quickly T-Series proved PewDiePie was altright. They couldn’t handle the criticism of…

PewDiePie Makes a Lot of Money

Forbes made their yearly TOP 10 list of the most paid YouTubers. They always reached out…

When Fans Go Too Far

When fans go too far: PewDiePie, ‘stan stunts’, and YouTube’s next big problem I mentioned this…

SouljaGame Console Shatters Nintendo

That’s right, they’re here! GameRevolution made an

Dislike YouTube Rewind 2018

You have probably seen this train wreck of a video already. The reason I bring it…

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