Nuclear demonetization

Nuclear Demonetization by YouTube

YouTube has been demonetizing way too many channels recently and it’s not getting enough attention

This news come from Grandayy. I agree. There’s a concerning amount of smaller channels just randomly getting demonetized. We have this channel, Mike Darklighter, who got demonetized:

Everyone, my channel is just demonetized this Sunday morning. I woke up to find that my channel was no longer made available for the YouTube Partnership Program, despite the fact that my channel has no Community Guidelines strikes and no copyright strikes against it. I’m in good standing in all fronts and have not violated any of YouTube’s policies…

A channel with 140,000 subscribers just demonetised out of nowhere for no conceivable good reason. It’s pretty crazy and it’s not just the only one: Timotainment, EpicDonutDude (76,000 subscribers), Kadz (300,000 subscribers) and Disel Patches (200,000 subscribers) are some examples. I think this is really concerning and upsetting especially thinking about Machinima and my past. If I was just randomly demonetized during the time I was a smaller channel, it would be devastating to me and my career. This is very concerning not just for these individuals, but also for the future of YouTube. It could happen to any creator and less and less people are going to be incentivized to become YouTubers.

YouTube reviewed some of these cases and Mike Darklighter, Timotainment were reinstated with monetization. However, is worth noting that Mowtendoo, another channel, got demonetize twice in three months. It seems that, unless you’re getting likes on Twitter and complain about it, YouTube aren’t really going to look into it.

They are all legit channels that upload good content. It’s really strange to see YouTube cutting out people with monetization. Initially it sounded possible, but now it’s just getting out of control. This can’t be good for the future.

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