The Cringe Awards

The Cringe Awards

The Game Awards came out a few days ago and there are some delightful highlights. Let’s go through them:

Host: These are the games whose stories captivated us with complex characters, surprising twists, and profound philosophical ideas (…) Best Narrative: Marvel’s Spider-Man
Shrimp (?): “That’s a good shell-fie my friend.”
Ninja: “Did you just say shell-fie?”
Shrimp: “Si, si. It’s a crustacean thing.” “SAY MANCHEGO!”

But the most talked about from The Game Awards 2018 was when SonicFox, the furry, won the “E-Sports: Player of the Year” award.

SonicFox: OH MY GOD!! (…) Hey, look, ma! I guess I wanna say this is a big honor… (…) I’m sure you guys heard the story of when I went to IPS Finale. One of my closest friends… his dad had cancer, and after I won– before I even did the match, I told him whether I win or lose, I’m gonna be donating at least like 10k of the prize winning to his father for his Stage 3 cancer. I hope it works out for him

Now, this goes on for way too long, and the teleprompter even said ‘Please Wrap It Up‘.

SonicFox: The goons back at home. Gang, gang. (…) As you guys also may know, or may not know, I’m also, SUPER GAY

But the thing that most people are talking about is the end of the speech that goes like this:

SonicFox: I guess all I gotta really say is that I’m gay, black, a furry, pretty much everything a Republican hates, AND the best E-Sports player of the whole year, I guess. Thank you so much.

I kind of like how he’s so unapologetic to who he is. However, this last comment is what made people very angry. Here’s some comments from the video from IGN:

“Everything a Republican hates” really. Was that even necessary for a video game award?”
“Pretty much everything a republican hates” k…..
He’s complaining about hate but he is spreading it…….

I see this guy and how he presents himself. He is 20 years old and clearly not the brightest, and having this kind of open personality in a professional E-Sport gaming circuit, you’re bound to get a ton of hate. It’s just how it is. But also, it’s a joke, so who really cares?

Phil Spencer: As an industry, we are most powerful when we come together. United by our common love for the art-form of games…

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