Idubbbz Content Cop

idubbbz has turned into a beta soyboy cuck. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

9-Year-Olds Divided after Collapse; Civil War Imminent

Featured Image from TheAsherShow Every since the great collapse of The Phrase of Which We Do…

VoiceOverPete to Host NYC PewDiePie Event

So excited to be a part of this historic event. The 9 yr anniversary of Pewds…

Twitch Streamer Banned For Saying There are Only Two Genders

HelenaLive got banned for basically saying that there’s only two genders. “Your recent behavior has proven…

Roblox Bans PewDiePie For Life

PewDiePie played Roblox the other day to stop T-Series, closing the gap over 42,000 subscribers. There…

Demi Lovato Quits Twitter After Backlash

21 Savage Confirms He Was Born In the United Kingdom 21 Savage was arrested in Atlanta and taken…

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