Supreme Court of India Removes PewDiePie Videos from YouTube India

It is astounding how quickly T-Series proved PewDiePie was altright. They couldn’t handle the criticism of… Petition to BAN PewDiePie from YouTube

PewDiePie did an oopsie. No recover. There is now a petition calling for PewDiePie’s complete removal…

PewDiePie Congratulates T-Series on Becoming Number One Most-Subscribed Channel on YouTube

Continuing the time-honored tradition of creating a video commemorating the torch-passing of the most-subscribed channel on…

It’s Been an Honor, Fellow 9-Year-Olds

PewDiePie has been entangled in a brutal battle with T-Series for months now. However, it appears…

PewDiePie Surpasses 90 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Congratulations to PewDiePie for reaching 90,000,000 subscribers! It’s been a long road. You deserve it, buddy.…

New Zealand Shooter Calls to Subscribe to PewDiePie while Live-Streaming Massacre

This is a dark day. Fifty people have been confirmed dead and fifty more were injured…

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