Party at Genderfield 5

Party at Genderfield 5

We have a new update! We have been the development and story of Battlefield V ever since their trailer got released, which became the most disliked trailer of Battlefield franchise’s history. It got 112k dislikes.

I’ve talked about this before, so I’ll just quickly summarize. Basically, they released this trailer that’s supposed to depict World War II, but instead it just seemed like a Gender Study class take on it. Where you have a British female amputee going “ALO!” and it’s just overall cringe-worthy. To be clear, no one cares that there’s a strong female character at the front of Battlefield. They happen in games all the time, no one cares. No one pays attention to this stuff, but when you’re depicting history and World War II, it kind of seems like you’re changing history for the sake of your gender social progressive ideas, and I can understand why people have a problem with that. It feels weird and forced. On top of that, the EA director himself said, to the criticism about this, that “People are just ignorant, there was actually amputees in the war.“. It’s always a great way to acknowledge criticism by just calling your consumers “ignorant”.

I said I was going to follow up if anything else happened with the Battlefield V, and now it did! That’s right, they had their launch party for Battlefield V called: #EveryonesBattlefield“. Just as long as you agree with them.

They had some text in there, I don’t know why, but they basically say:
“White men! White men! White men!” “Females ruin everything”. “Feminazis are trying to rewrite history.” “Genderfield 5!”

I get that they were trying to reduce tension with all the criticism that they’re getting, but this kind of sends a message to your consumer that if you have any criticism for this game, you’re just a hateful troll. It’s also kind of saying that “Whatever the consumers are saying, doesn’t matter! We’re going to push forward on these ideas. We just don’t care.“, which is an interesting move, considering how the game’s performing.

It’s hard to say for sure whether this is doing well or not, but it doesn’t look positive. It’s another example of companies and consumers growing more and more apart. We have the YouTube Rewind now as well, quickly becoming the most disliked video in all of YouTube because there’s such a distance between the site itself and how they want to be perceived, and how the consumers think. I don’t know what is the end result of this sort of thing happening, but I do know for a fact that it’s just giving more power to independent creators, so…

Thanks EA!

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