Again YouTubers are crying about their life

Again! YouTubers are Crying about How Hard Their Life Is

Youtubers are feeling the burn

What are they complaining about now? I don’t want to hear this Swedish millionaire complain, again…

The reason I’m bringing this up is because a lot of mainstream media focused their attention in youtubers feeling fatigued or worked out. It was covered by The Guardian, The Telegraph and Polygon (I actually didn’t hate their article). They also mentioned my video (actually PewDiePie’s video) in it.

I made a video, I think a month ago or something like that, where I talked about this. I tried to give some insight on what it is like to be a YouTube creator. I perform this mainly because I think a lot of people believe that just because you get money and fame all your other problems will go away. I tried to explain why that is not necessarily the case.

I know it is tired and overhearing me talking about this, but I think this video probably played a big impact on this topic getting more attention, which I’m really glad about. I luckily don’t feel burn out, I feel better than I have ever been on YouTube. I believe that this is all thanks to me making better decisions and also you, guys.

It is genuinely easy to get caught up with the numbers and this is what these articles are talking about. If you (as a YouTuber) take a break, it will be a serious problem. I feel bad seeing a lot of my friends suffering from this, as well as feeling burned out. I was feeling seriously worn down because of it and that is why I made that video. I was hoping to give people insight about this, because I believe the more people understand each other, the world will be a better place.

That is all I care about. I just want people to be happy, trust me. That is my number one priority…


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