Ariana Grande got a tattoo

Ariana Grande has a Typo in Her New Japanese Tattoo

Ariana Grande mocked for Japanese typo…

Basically, Ariana Grande got a hand tattoo and she posted it on her Instagram or Twitter. First of all, great idea Ariana Grande, hand tattoos are always a great idea. What are the Japanese symbols saying?

Japanese barbecue grill

She missed out on a couple of characters, I don’t know what it was supposed to mean, but she ended up with that. People obviously were quick to point out this mistake:

Ariana Grande is vegan…

She was offered a million dollar for laser tattoo removal. It was supposed to say 7 Rings. Make sure you know what you put on there! So, she had to add in a couple extra letters to make sure it means what it meant. Now, she just have it on her palm. Great job.

Please, if you ever get a tattoo just make sure you double-check it.

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