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Diablo is Now Mobile Friendly

We knew we want to use mobile devices as the platform for a new Diablo game, because nothing brings a family together like slaying demons.

The Diablo Immortal press conference!

We are so excited about this game.

This legendary PC title, which had diehard fans for years, said we’re going to announce something new and exciting: a mobile phone game! Because you use that for your loved ones (not because the mobile market in China is just bigger than ever).

However, the best part about this is that they had a Q&A afterwards and the reactions are just beautiful:

Fan: I just was wondering, is this an out of season April Fool’s joke?
Another fan: Is there any plans to make this on PC or this is strictly mobile forever?

Even Domino’s made an ad just for this this:

This is not an out of season April Fool’s joke, you will get a treasure chest when you purchase our pizzas

It’s so easy to just point to all these fans and be like: Oh, just grow up, it’s just a game. The problem is that they announced this thing for fans to be excited, that’s what these conferences are about. If they wanted to make a mobile game and just earn a bunch of money, just announce it somewhere else. This is a bad move. I’m sure the game is not that bad but it’s clearly not what people want.


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