Everyone hates Ninja now

Everyone Hates Ninja

Why? Because he is basically PewDiePie 2015: unfunny, screaming, loud, obnoxious, unselfish, colored hair…

NO. It is because Ninja gets people banned. If Ninja doesn’t like you, he can get you banned. This all started because a post on Reddit said that this poor player was “about to get banned because he emoted”: review the clip.

After watching the clip, I have seen indisputable and undeniable evidence, this is PewNews (the most factual news source on the planet). As it turns out, he wasn’t stream sniping, it was just a random guy just doing emotes. He even made a response:

I guess the moral lesson is that not you’re not supposed to dance and kill someone (on Fortnite) while having six spectators. It is just not allowed. I’m sorry.

Ninja’s reaction:

What an idiot, how stupid can you be. I’m going out of my way to make sure this guy’s ban (…) If you leave this game, right now, I will not report you. (…) Maybe he’s not sniping, maybe he killed me aloneness a four squad and do the emote.

After this happened, another video on the Fortnite subreddit came up with 44k up votes saying that Ninja got a player banned for having higher pin, this was proof that Epic Games bans anyone who Ninja reports and does not review the player. So, after this, people were pretty outraged because Ninja was seemingly abusing his power on the platform: #banNinja, #stopNinja, #wewillresist, etc.

It turns out that Epic Games responded to this saying that the person that was banned for the ping was someone else (it is a bit confusing). However, basically they look into every single report and they don’t ban someone just because it’s Ninja who says it; they ban if they did something wrong.

I think the problem here is that Ninja said: I’m going out of my way to get this guy ban. This is making it seem like he had that power. However, Ninja made a response.

I haven’t got anyone banned (…) one time I have a couple drinks and get a little bit mad… Dude, it is a little joke, man. (…) The amount of 12 year old that are commenting on Twitter and Instagram about stream snipers blows my mind.

Oh, Ninja, why…?

Anyway, I think the hypocrisy here is that if anyone else but Ninja did this, no one would care. I can kind of relate to that hypocrisy and into that frustration of getting a different treatment just because you’re the person on top, but that’s inevitably the situation. If someone else reported someone in the game saying I’m going to get you banned, no one would care; but he did say it in a way like he had that power. That is why everyone jumped on Ninja hating on him even though he’s practically doing what a lot of streamers do. However, I think he could have just explained this calm and rationally, instead of getting pissed off about it. I think no one probably would have cared and that’s essentially the problem. If no one cares, I don’t even care… why am I talking about this?

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