JustDestiny does not want to be a pedo

JustDestiny is Furious About Pedophile Allegations

Some time ago, I called out YouTubers for making questionable copyright claims because if companies are abusing the system, then, at the very least, we as individuals or YouTube creators should not be abusing the system, but no one listens.

JustDestiny, a channel with 1.7 million subscribers, makes Dr. Phil videos and these very questionable thumbnails where he criticizes really young girls and shows them in a very sexual manner in the thumbnail (i.e. “SHE’S ONLY 13”).

A lot of people called out JustDestiny because of this, like: “What are you doing? This is kind of messed up.” This 15 year old kid called LT Cobra criticized him:

… already the top search you get “What Kids Are Really Doing On Musical.ly”. JustDestiny is fully aware that he’s using the fact that kids are being very sexual to boost his views. We have this individual girl kind of moving her hair back with her t*ts out (Destiny, why is this on your hard drive?) “Malu Trevejo Must Be Stopped… Danielle Bregoli Exposed” and t*ts in the thumbnail, not to mention the fact that this says “SHE’S ONLY 14″…

Lo and behold, JustDestiny took this video down, criticizing him, which obviously he shouldn’t be able to do (it’s the YouTube system) and on top of that he also sent a lawsuit against this kid, this 15-year-old kid, for being defamatory.

Keemstar even pointed out that this is a fake lawsuit it seems to be fake and there’s no listed attorney under that name, so it’s basically just fake threats and scare tactics to get this kid to shut up, and stop criticizing him.

JustDestiny did a response to this basically saying:

So there was this kid called “LT Cobra” who made a video on me, about 2 weeks ago insinuating, accusing, or throwing out the conspiracy that I may be like some type of pedo. Somehow he came away with a conclusion and the bright idea that he should make a video spreading rumors, speculating and basically insinuating that I… could possibly be a pedo.

I think you’re getting stuck, JustDestiny, on the whole pedo thing, most people probably don’t think you’re a pedophile. Most people are criticizing you for using really, really young girls in a sexual manner in a thumbnail, as a way to draw people in. To use underage girls is very questionable, it’s a kinda gross thing to do, and I think you deserve to be criticized for it. This ain’t rocket science, you know what you’re doing. And even if you’re denouncing it, that’s just weird. This is weird.

All you really had to do in this situation was acknowledge: “Yeah, you know what, that was messed up, I won’t do it again.” But people just won’t learn. People just can’t face criticism. And instead, JustDestiny abuses copyright striking on YouTube, which is already enough of an issue, to take down this kids video, and even sends a lawsuit. It’s really annoying how people keep doing this. Just stop.

This whole thing got so overblown, again, I’ve referenced the Barbara Streisand effect for the hundreth time: The more you try and hide something on the internet, the more people will want to find it. Just acknowledge that you were wrong, and move on. It ain’t that hard. People are generally forgiving on the internet. Just own up to your mistakes. And that’s it. That’s all you have to do.

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5 thoughts on “JustDestiny is Furious About Pedophile Allegations

  1. I mean what the heck JustDestiny, So you show her in a sexual pose and you put in all caps “SHE’S ONLY 14” What kind of clickbait are you on!?

  2. Man, I used to like JustDestiney’s content now he just seems like a faggot, fucking sending a FAKE Lawsuit to a child because he’s a pussy. Using underaged girls that sick.

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