MatPat loves Undertale

MatPat Loves Undertale

MatPat was trendy on Twitter a few days ago. What did he do? Did he tell more lies about PewDiePie success?

MatPat played this game called HeartBound. The game looks very similar to Undertale, so he decided to title the live stream as Undertale. Apparently, Pirate Software, the developer of the game was watching and he made a comment about the title of the video being the NEXT UNDERTALE GAME and about that there was no link to HeartBound. However, there were links to his other Undertale videos and a bunch of hashtags and tags for Undertale, in order to heavily promote Undertale. The developer of HeartBound called him out on Twitter saying:

I’m pretty disappointed here and so is our community. Your recent GTLive came across as Undertale clickbait mashup, instead of being about HeartBound. You never linked to our game and you got our studio name wrong as well.

MatPat replied with:

I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed in our recent playthrough of HeartBound, but what you see as disrespectful, I would argue it’s the opposite let me explain…

First, I don’t review the thumbnails tags in description (…) That said, their goal is to make livestreams as searchable as possible. And for games with limited searchability, that’s important as it gets them the audience and attention they deserve. Your game is great and by relating it to something similar that our audience already knows and enjoys, we’re hoping to introduce them to it (…) That’s the rationale. I hope it makes sense.

In a way, from a YouTuber perspective I understand this is what YouTubers do. It will bring him more attention to HeartBound if he associates it with Undertale and his game already looks very similar to Undertale so why shouldn’t he, I understand his message and I actually agree with it. However, he then finishes off with:

Regarding links, we don’t tend to link back to the games we’re playing. That’s not an intentional slight on you, it’s just rarely something we do for a games that aren’t fan-made or free (…)

All you have to do is link to the game, how is that too much to ask for someone? Just link to the game! I think I know the reason why… basically the way the YouTube algorithm works is that, if you link in your video to something that goes outside of the platform, the algorithm doesn’t like that because they want you to stay on YouTube. In this case, if they link to other games in their videos and people click off the site, that’s bad for that video and it’s not going to get recommended and get as much views.

The craziest part of this was that Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, came in out of nowhere and said:

You should link to any game you play. Creators need all the help they can get. And think carefully if you’re missing your audience with how you present your videos. You went too far this time.

Then, MatPat went completely 180 and said:

Sorry, I mean no disrespect, apologies are one thing but actions are another: now I will link all games.

It’s a really any reason to be mad at this point, he’s changing his methods to something positive and he knows he did wrong. It’s fair to say that it’s kind of weird how he blatantly said no until the point where a bigger creator called him out. Now Pirate Software, the developer, is saying:

It would really cool if everyone stopped attacking MatPat on our behalf. We had an issue. He fixed it. I thanked him for the fix. Everyone went home happy and the progress was made in our slice of the Internet.

The whole thing is settled and there’s really no reason to talk about this. I just wanted to give some further insight. It’s interesting as well the whole linking thing. I think we, as YouTubers, need to be better (PewDiePie included) respecting the footage that is being given to us.

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