I do sports.

This news come from T-Series!

This is not a story, this is nothing. Do not read this. I just want to ask you.

There has been a lot of post on my subreddit talking about how, if you create an account in India or the Middle East, you will be automatically subscribed to T-Series. At first, I thought that that was not possible and there was no way that would be a thing. However, then I saw more and more people talking about it, saying that it does happen. I wanted to ask if you could send any evidence of this. Maybe create an account in India to test it or something like that. I am curious because this would definitely be interesting.

There is such a large question mark on the whole channel. How can a channel that has so many subscribers and gaining them so quickly, get so little views on some videos.

I am Kate Riley and you’ve just been riled up.

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