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February 17, 2019
Sweet Victory in the Super Bowl cover

Sweet Victory in the Super Bowl

Gloria Borger | 07-02-2019

Super Bowl related news!

Doing the Super Bowl, during the halftime, they have a performance and it looked like SpongeBob's Sweet Victory was going to be played, but then they just cut it.

If you don't understand why people are upset, it's because there was a petition with 1.2 million signs. It was to have Sweet Victory played at the Super Bowl, which is an incredible song by Sponge Bob. Stephen Hillenburg passed away last year, the creator of Sponge Bob, and it would have been such an incredible way to commemorate him to have this wonderful song play. However, for some reason, they just cut it.

They had the whole thing practically laid out perfectly. These brain-dead executives… and it is the same with YouTube Rewind.