Gillette Faces Backlash and Boycott Over Commercial

Gillette Faces Backlash and Boycott Over Commercial

Gillette faces backlash and boycott over #MeToo advert.

Gillette uploaded a short film called We Believe: The Best Men Can Be and it’s safe to say that a lot of people didn’t like this video: 1 million dislikes right now. I really appreciate the Guardian’s title on this (it doesn’t show any bias): Gillette #MeToo ad on toxic masculinity gets praise and abuse. I liked how they didn’t call it criticism; it’s just abuse: everyone that dislikes this video abuses this poor multi-million dollar brand.

Gillette is deleting a bunch of comments from the video and they even pinned a comment saying:

Best Commercial Ever! 🙂

Let’s go through it:

…Toxic Masculinity…

Who doesn’t like to have their morals defined to them by a shaving company, Gillette really opened my eyes to the issues.

We believe in the best in men: “men need to hold other men accountable”
(…) but some is not enough (…) The boys watching today we’ll be the men of tomorrow.

Watching this video it doesn’t piss me off, it’s just very it’s cringe-worthy. Why is Gillette trying to tell me or everyone that guys are a problem, why not focus on something positive instead. At the end of the day, Gillette’s goal is to sell products, their motivation behind this video was to do exactly just that, but that doesn’t mean that is necessarily bad. It blows my mind that they thought this was an actual good idea, there’s a lot of constructive comments there:

My wife’s son loved this. Thank you!

And Gillette responded:

Happy to hear he enjoyed it! And thank YOU for watching.

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  1. I’m actually going to use this source for my Marketing Management course project. Gloria Borger, no thanks needed 😉

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