PewDiePie promotes IV Reich

PewDiePie Promotes III Reich

What did PewDiePie do this time?

PewDiePie gives shout out to hateful, anti-Semitic YouTube channel.

YouTube star PewDiePie promotes channel with anti-Semitic content.

(…) PewDiePie is shepherding his legion of 14-year-olds towards neo-Nazi content on YouTube. Probably something that someone should check into!

We SHOULD check into it! Why don’t we just do that. Let’s see what he actually said:

(…) E;R, who does great video essays about… he did one about Death Note which I really really enjoyed.

Did you notice the shepherding of 14-year-olds to Nazi propaganda? Did you notice the immediate indoctrination of 75 million children into Nazis? Did you notice it? That’s right. He recommended someone for their anime review.

So basically what happened was that PewDiePie shouted out 28 channels last Sunday. Because, I was getting so much attention for all this “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme, that I thought it would be nice if I gave a shout out to some smaller channels that I enjoy. And I thought “Hey! The more the merrier.”

Apparently one of those twenty-eight have hidden and not-so-hidden Nazi references in his videos. Obviously if I’ve noticed that, I wouldn’t have referenced him in the shout out, not because I have a problem with Nazi references being offensive in themselves, but because I said publicly a year and a half ago that I was going to distance myself from Nazi jokes.

The irony here is that I’m supposed to be the Nazi, but I don’t know any of these goddamn references. I mean, again, all I said was I like this guy’s anime review, and anyone with a level-headed brain can tell that I don’t know this guy more than this. So The Verge posted about this, the “science and tech-news” media outlet. They just couldn’t help themselves by getting a few clicks out of this. They say stuff like:

Since Kjellberg’s shoutout, E;R has amassed an approximate additional 150,000 subscribers. That’s 150,000 more viewers, some of whom may be extremely young, tuning into anti-Semitic and hateful content.

Now, a simple two-click search fact-check will tell you that it was 12,000 new subscribers. This was at the end of the video, most people don’t watch that far. It’s 28 channels, I’m not gonna know every single thing about them. Maybe I should have just limited it. People making the argument that I should have hired a team to background check on these channels. Since I have so many subscribers, it’s my responsibility to make sure I have people doing this and checking that. However, The Verge can’t even, themselves, a big news outlet, get simple facts right in their own story.

The point of me bringing this up is the fact that this could have happened anyway, with me having other people helping me. But I do understand I have a responsibility, especially with my past, but I can’t help but seeing this as outrage for the sake of outrage and getting clicks from negative attention associated with my name, which is just sad. It just immediately becomes a shame campaign to smear my name, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, honestly

However, I’m getting so much love and I’m getting so much support right now. Of course, there’s going to be people that want to put me down for that. I felt like I needed to address this, especially because so much out of context is associated with all these headlines.

P.S.: E;R was removed from that video. I still really want to shout out smaller channels so I’m just going to keep doing that, but I’ll be more careful in the future. Maybe I can ask The Verge for help, that would be great!

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