Forbes Continues With More Alt-Right Associations

Once a harmless meme, or rather, a marketing campaign masked as a meme, “subscribe to PewDiePie”… Petition to BAN PewDiePie from YouTube

PewDiePie did an oopsie. No recover. There is now a petition calling for PewDiePie’s complete removal…

Wil Wheaton Calls PewDiePie Racist Bigot

Wil Wheaton attacked PewDiePie by calling him a racist piece of shit bigot. Wil Wheaton is…

PewDiePie Congratulates T-Series on Becoming Number One Most-Subscribed Channel on YouTube

Continuing the time-honored tradition of creating a video commemorating the torch-passing of the most-subscribed channel on…

It’s Been an Honor, Fellow 9-Year-Olds

PewDiePie has been entangled in a brutal battle with T-Series for months now. However, it appears…

Zero Deaths! PewDiePie x Atmosgames Create New 2D Platform Game

On February 14, indie games developer Thomas Brush dared PewDiePie to dare him to make a…

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