James Charles opened a store

James Charles Opened a Store in the UK

James Charles visited the UK and it was absolute madness.

Apparently, there were too many people that came to see James Charles. I think it’s his new makeup palette. The whole mall just shut down. Apparently brought so traffic that people couldn’t go back home from work afterwards.

However, a lot of people directed that annoyance, which is understandable, to James Charles. Clearly, this is not his fault or at least maybe not directly. Let’s look at some reactions from the news about this whole event.

An article by MailOnline, it came out about this as well and said WhoTube? Virtually unknown US vlogger and his 8,000 screaming fans to bring Birmingham City Centre to a shocked standstill with extra police drafted and amid crush fears as he opens cosmetics store. James Charles responded:

“Virtually unknown” and “8,000 screaming fans” should not be used in the same sentence.

I noticed that they changed this headline and it now says US make-up vlogger and his 8,000 screaming fans… I also really like this radio recording:

I think he gets 10 million viewers. That’s very different to make. What’s going on? As a former show biz journalist, I cover fame. Why I don’t know about James Charles? Given, I read every newspaper everyday.

I like how he answers his own question.

Because I feel very sorry for West Midlands Police, how the hell could they have been known?

Why am I uneducated on this matter? I read the news every day. Do you watch Pew News? Because then we wouldn’t have this problem. I expect this kind of treatment for PewDiePie with the kind of snarky sarcasm and the fact that other youtubers get the same treatment is kind of it’s almost sad in a way.

It’s always so spiteful and the tone of jealousy whenever there’s reporting of new media from old media just makes them look so pity and ignorant, without realizing it themselves.

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