Tfue is NOT Happy with FaZe Clan

It’s Hammer time! Tfue, the Fortnite guy who has 10 million subscribers on YouTube, is suing…

Child Sexual Exploitation on YouTube Triggers Adpocalypse II

The Ad-pocalypse is upon us. Fortnite pulls ads over YouTube. Nestlé (the most ethical company of…

Reality Hits Ninja in Times Square With Epic New Year’s Eve Dance Fail

If you haven’t seen Ninja’s clip… Apparently, Ninja was at the ball drop in New York…

Backpack Kid is Suing Epic Games over a Dance in Fortnite

Backpack kid is Suing Epic Games over a Dance in Fortnite. That’s all.

Everyone Hates Ninja

Why? Because he is basically PewDiePie 2015: unfunny, screaming, loud, obnoxious, unselfish, colored hair… NO. It…

Fortnite Gets a Very Important Update

Fornite gets an update! You can now press down to thank the bus driver before jumping…

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