Tfue is NOT Happy with FaZe Clan

It’s Hammer time! Tfue, the Fortnite guy who has 10 million subscribers on YouTube, is suing…

Forbes Continues With More Alt-Right Associations

Once a harmless meme, or rather, a marketing campaign masked as a meme, “subscribe to PewDiePie”… Petition to BAN PewDiePie from YouTube

PewDiePie did an oopsie. No recover. There is now a petition calling for PewDiePie’s complete removal…

Zero Deaths! PewDiePie x Atmosgames Create New 2D Platform Game

On February 14, indie games developer Thomas Brush dared PewDiePie to dare him to make a…

Roblox Unbans PewDiePie

We have an update on the Roblox ban of PewDiePie. Last week PewDiePie was banned from…

Thomas Chang Arrested For Super Bowl Pedophile Scandal

There’s been so many examples where people on Twitter call out toxic gamers and then they…

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