Machinima is gone

Machinima is Gone

I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but this fills me with overwhelming joy and satisfaction. Again, I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but I hate Machinima and I couldn’t be more happy about their demise.

Machinima’s YouTube gaming channel has effectively disappeared

In a way, it’s kind of sad. It used to be an example channel for gaming on YouTube. Every gamer, when I (PewDiePie) started off making YouTube videos, Machinima was an inspiration for me. Now the channel is shut down and none of the creators that had made videos for Machinima were notified. Basically, they removed their entire library and this sucks for a lot of people.

Why do I hate Machinima? Machinima is a multi-channel network (MCN), which means that they partner up with YouTubers and give them a contract saying that they will put ads on your videos, but they will take a percentage of your income. Back in the day, when I was starting up making YouTube videos, I was doing gaming and the only way to earn revenue at this point getting partnered with YouTube directly or getting partnered with a MCN. Machinima was basically the only MCN that existed for gaming at that time and YouTube wouldn’t partner gaming channels, so you were left with only one option, partner up with Machinima.

If you didn’t partner up with Machinima, then you were not going earn any money. I made videos for a year and I made no money on it. I had like 30,000 subscribers at the time, it was a lot back then, and to not be partnered and have ads on your videos while having millions of views every month was kind of weird. I just couldn’t get a partnership with Machinima, so I actually got our partnership with Machinima through someone else that I worked with, it was really weird.

I went from earning $0 to an actual substantial income every month, because I got this Machinima partnership and I was initially very happy about it. I could finally make money off my videos and quit my job in order to focus solely on YouTube. However, since they had monopoly on YouTube on gaming, there was no one else, they would take 50% of your income, and that’s after YouTube took 45% of the income. What a great deal for Machinima!

I had no point of contact with Machinima directly, whoever was paying me every month. It was very important, because if I didn’t get paid for some reason, I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills. I was just hoping that everything would work out fine. That went on for until I was about to become the biggest channel on YouTube, imagine working with a company that’s taking a large portion of your revenue but you haven’t heard a single word from them.

A lot of youtubers can identify with that, the company just wasn’t paying attention and not until I expressed that I wanted to leave the company that they came back and said that I couldn’t leave because of our contract is to last forever, which is an illegal contract. It took me four months and this was a huge waste of money and time.

Machinima just took YouTubers revenue and didn’t really care at all. Getting this treatment was part of reason why I wanted to create an MCN myself (Rebelmode). I wanted things to be better for creators.

I had a bad experience with Machinima, but Machinima wouldn’t be able to do what they did unless YouTube permitted them to do it. I feel like I had to go through such a frustrating period when I was starting up my channel because both fault, YouTube and Machinima.

Obviously things are a lot better now, I’m partnered directly with YouTube and it’s so much better. MCNs in general are just going to slowly diminish, because, unless they add a value which they haven’t done for so many years, there’s not going to be any reason for them to exist.

For better for worse, if I didn’t get partnered with Machinima, I probably wouldn’t have been able to put as much time and effort into making videos and maybe I wouldn’t have been able to become what I was. However, that is giving someone credit for something that they took advantage of.

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