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Forbes Attacks PewDiePie After WWII Memorial Vandalization

Forbes attacks Pewdiepie. That’s right! They wrote this article saying:

It’s time to unsubscribe from Pewdiepie Vs. T-Series


They’re basically saying:

Both channels have been irresponsible, prioritizing the attention growth of their channels instead of helping to create a wholesome YouTube community.

Mason Sands, Forbes contributor

Actually, the community is what got involved with this. PewDiePie didn’t even start this whole thing and it’s the community what keeps it alive.

The reason why they’re bringing this up is because a few days ago, it came up that someone defaced a World War II memorial in Brooklyn by writing “Subscribe to PewDiePie“. This has been covered in so many different places and obviously, it’s disgusting. However, Forbes after PewDiePie tweeting “a good meme for a good cause”, sort of implying that he was okay with everything done, they wrote:

The creator hasn’t made any efforts to temper the extremes of his fan base

Mason Sands, Forbes contributor

Even though I am not supposed to give my own opinion, I don’t think PewDiePie has done anything to condone this sort of behavior, which it’s disgusting. It just looks like a bunch of kids grabbed a stone and write it. Luckily, it also looks like you could probably remove that pretty easily, at least.

Honestly, don’t do this.

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40 thoughts on “Forbes Attacks PewDiePie After WWII Memorial Vandalization

  1. it is disgousting to vandalize a monument in honour of people who fought in conflicts like ww2. but blaming this on pewdiepie, even though he already told his fans to not do stupid shit, is just retarded.

  2. Have you wondered if it was not one of your attackers that wrote that? That’s a common practice to defame people.

  3. My sister, Gloria Borger has conducted an excellent evaluation of this situation, with mature serenity and forgiving. Also my associate from the Armenian government says and I quote,”T series? More like Turk series [I joke]”.

  4. This is why I only watch and read pew news.
    The “sub to pewdiepie” was good but it’s gone to far and not funny anymore.
    Do it innocently and legally we appreciate the effort but it shouldn’t go that far.
    I also don’t like the news articles saying bad things about pewdiepie it’s sickening and frustrating that they just want veins and attention

  5. the media always seems to hate on people that are popular either because they are jealous and they “think” they don’t deserve it or to create drama which can make more stories to make more money.

  6. I get going all out but this is way to far the thing is that pewdiepie did not know about this untell peopel started getting mad then he mad a video to stop this just do not do stuff like this what is someone like a relitive was on there and now ther was just “subscribe to pewdiepie” on it how whould you feel.

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