PewDiePie Surpasses 90 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Congratulations to PewDiePie for reaching 90,000,000 subscribers!

It’s been a long road. You deserve it, buddy. Next stop… 💯Ⓜ Club.

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77 thoughts on “PewDiePie Surpasses 90 Million Subscribers on YouTube

  1. Can we just take a second to appreciate that this website is a thing and there now a pewdiepie video game and he could reach one hundred million subscribers before tseries. So much amazing stuff happening.

  2. Sadly today at 8:50 T-series passed pewdiepie for a little while. Let’s stay on top and win the race to 100 MILLION! 🥳

  3. I know I’m not suspossed to give my opinion but…

    This was well deserved. Congrats PewDiePie!
    T-Series can wait until 100 Mil

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